Big Boy's Gourmet Tamales

Daily Delivery in the Shreveport-Bossier Area
Call 318-580-9135 for information

Get your hands on the best tamales anywhere.......

Welcome to Big Boy's Gourmet Tamales. At Big Boy's Gourmet Tamales you receive only the finest and most unique gourmet tamales on the planet. Whether you choose the Tiger Tail or Triple Smoked Brisket tamales, (details on "Menu" page) the aroma and taste will make you dive in for "just one more!"  Made from only fresh ingredients and designed by Chef Big Boy -- who includes a secret sauce and several proprietary ingredients -- the mouth watering gourmet tamales from Big Boy's are sure to please.  They're sold by the dozen, so make sure and order yours today!

What makes Big Boy's Gourmet Tamales Different?  We can't tell you ALL of our secrets....but here's one:  when making the special masa for Big Boy's Gourmet Tamales, Chef Big Boy includes drippings from your favorite meats, giving OUR tamales their gourmet flavor through and through and they are gluten free!
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